Both the males (boars) and females (sows) have 2 sets of ivory tusks – an upper set which is curved into a semi-circle, and a lower set which is extremely sharp and dangerous. The tusks are formidable weapons, and in males can reach a length of 25cms. Both sexes have distinctive wart-like bumps on their faces, but on the male these are much more pronounced, with the upper “warts” growing extremely large. Weight: 60 - 100 kg

  • Category: Plains Game


Daily rate of 325 / 350 US$ per hunter per day and 200 US$ per observer.

Daily rates include:

  • Food – Breakfast, lunch pack and dinner
  • Drinks - soft drinks/juice/water/coffee/tea/local beer – Hard liquor for you own account
  • Accommodation – private room & bathroom- Communal lodge, pool and boma
  • Hunt –access, vehicle, professional hunter, skinner, tracker, recovery of animals harvested and field preparation of trophies
  • Field preparation included skinning the animals and treating the raw material with salt, folding them and keeping them for taxidermy collection.