This is a large and handsome antelope. Sable are characterised by glossy black coats with white underparts and white facial markings. Cows and young are dark brown in colour. While they can look big and slow, sable antelope can reach top speeds of 57 km/h. They can maintain this top speed for more than three kilometres. Weight: 220 kg

  • Category: Plains Game


Daily rate of 325 / 350 US$ per hunter per day and 200 US$ per observer.

Daily rates include:

  • Food – Breakfast, lunch pack and dinner
  • Drinks - soft drinks/juice/water/coffee/tea/local beer – Hard liquor for you own account
  • Accommodation – private room & bathroom- Communal lodge, pool and boma
  • Hunt –access, vehicle, professional hunter, skinner, tracker, recovery of animals harvested and field preparation of trophies
  • Field preparation included skinning the animals and treating the raw material with salt, folding them and keeping them for taxidermy collection.